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 Dilios - Holy Paladin to be - posting for Lonelywolf!

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Dilios - Holy Paladin to be - posting for Lonelywolf! Empty
PostSubject: Dilios - Holy Paladin to be - posting for Lonelywolf!   Dilios - Holy Paladin to be - posting for Lonelywolf! Icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2007 2:18 am

Hi there, My name Is Matt, I'm a good RL friend of Vidal and have been interested in joining for a long time, I was told to whisper Lonelywolf ingame however he was offline on the night so I decided to post on here.

Character Name: Dilios

Age: 17

Class: Paladin (level 56 at the moment, with the holidays coming up I will be 70 in a month and my first priority is getting att and geared for kara)

Talent Spec: Holy (when I hit 70)

Would you be willing to respec if ever required?: Yes I would, though I believe holy paladins are probably more useful than prot or retri.

A link to your character profile or at least links to your gear (armory): http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Aggramar&n=Dilios
I've spent around 300g on holy gear for when I hit 70, it's blues and greens but will give me a good start in dungeons.

Reason for joining Bury Your Dead: Looks like the perfect guild for what I'm looking for. I wish to raid Karazhan, I was unable to do this on my old “main” as rogues are not particularly valued due to the large numbers of them already in top guilds such as Bury Your Dead. I also hope to gain heroic keys and run them with guild members, I find being able to do instances with people from a guild and with people I know (I hope to make some friends in the guild too!) much more fun and rewarding than with PuGs, which are usually unsuccessful.

Previous or current guild: Art Of War, a small guild I was in with several of my RL mates. On my Rogue (Loneeagle) I was a member of the old Oblivion and Starblade before I moved onto Epidemic, all of the guilds had little need for rogues though i met a few good guys.

Reasons for leaving or wanting to leave: All three guilds collapsed or moved on.

Do you have any PVE raiding experience? If so, briefly describe it. Sadly I have no raiding experience, this is one of my motives for wanting to join Bury Your Dead.

Times you are usually online (game time) or how many hours would you say you spend on average in game? I spend around 3 hours online every weekday night excluding thursdays when I work. I play Saturday nights if I'm not out and around 5 hours online on a Sunday (Yep, way too much). My excuse is that if I wasn't doing something constructive on WoW then I'd only be slumped in front of the TV anyway!

Your expectations of being in Bury Your Dead during The Burning Crusade and what you wish to achieve? I wish to earn a place in Kara runs, I'm not one of those guys who simply expects a place straight away. From there I'd generally like to gain more experience in general, gain heroic keys and experience endgame content in a nice community!

A bit about yourself.

Professions: 300 Jewelcrafting at the moment, will certainly be leveling it up when i hit outland in two levels. Vidal has 375 mining so he's going to be getting mats for me. In general I will only be making Gems for friends and guildies so if you want anything then dont hesitate to ask!

[Unbuffed Resistances]
>Fire: 0
>Arcane: 0
>Nature: 0
>Frost: 0
>Shadow: 0
I have shadow, fire and arcane resistance auras and the belf racial, that's all at the moment.

Karazhan attunement is required. - That's first on my list for when I hit 70, hopefully if I get into Bury Your Dead early I'll be able to get your help and speed the process up!

[Post other attunements and heroic keys you have (the more the merrier)] None, these are second on my list after Kara.

Other requirements:

Ventrilo: I'm on it daily with Vidal and a few other mates so i can easily swap over.

Raid Assist: Yep, also have deadly boss mod

KTM Threat Meter: yep

Any other info you need please ask!
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Dilios - Holy Paladin to be - posting for Lonelywolf! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dilios - Holy Paladin to be - posting for Lonelywolf!   Dilios - Holy Paladin to be - posting for Lonelywolf! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2007 1:25 am

Accepted welcome to Hell

Well And Truely Locked
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Dilios - Holy Paladin to be - posting for Lonelywolf!
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