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 applycation lvl 70 rogue ceptichorde

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applycation lvl 70 rogue ceptichorde Empty
PostSubject: applycation lvl 70 rogue ceptichorde   applycation lvl 70 rogue ceptichorde Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2007 10:24 am

Character Name: -ceptichorde
(main char of deadbeater that is already in the guild )

Class: rogue lvl 70

Talent Spec:15/41/5

Would you be willing to respec if ever required?:i think combat/assassination spec is great for raiding.

A link to your character profile or at least links to your gear (armory):
i'm not good with these thing if possible plz inspec me ingame plz

Reason for joining Bury Your Dead:-wanna raid and having fun

Previous or current guild:-the ascension, DeepFocus,etc

Reasons for leaving or wanting to leave:left the ascension cause they always played with same pp,and other were left behind(in karazhan,instances and guildchat i mean).and Deepfocus disbanded :s it was a great raiding guild

Do you have any PVE raiding experience? If so, briefly describe it.-i done all kinde raids,did ZG,AQ20,AQ40,MC,BWL,onyxia,karazhan

Times you are usually online (game time) or how many hours would you say you spend on average in game?- every day i come online,after work.and when i'm home i can play al day .

Your expectations of being in Bury Your Dead during The Burning Crusade and what you wish to achieve?-want to raid more,make friends and just have fun.

resistances:not quit alot atm but can work on that if needed.

[Post other attunements and heroic keys you have (the more the merrier)]
-got all heroic keys except the one of the shatar(netherstorm instances)

i have al kinda addons ,ct-raid ,ktm and alot more .

thx for atleast reading this .
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The Chapster

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applycation lvl 70 rogue ceptichorde Empty
PostSubject: Re: applycation lvl 70 rogue ceptichorde   applycation lvl 70 rogue ceptichorde Icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2007 7:10 pm

Sounds good, contact Happychappy ingame so we can chit chat... c ya there... afro
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applycation lvl 70 rogue ceptichorde
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