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 Rosbah 70 rogue

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PostSubject: Rosbah 70 rogue   Rosbah 70 rogue Icon_minitimeFri Aug 03, 2007 9:32 pm

Character Name: Rosbah

Age: 13

Class: Rogue

Talent Spec: 41 / 0 / 20 (don't rly like it, my friend told me to take it)

Would you be willing to respec if ever required?: Sure, ill prob go sword spec, but ill do whatever you in guild want me to. Very Happy

A link to your character profile or at least links to your gear (armory): http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Aggramar&n=Rosbah

Reason for joining Bury Your Dead: I really want an guild that is active with the raids, btw Gebo is my big brotha Razz and i know some others IRL too.

Previous or current guild: previous: Xitroz

Reasons for leaving or wanting to leave: GM deleted it.

Do you have any PVE raiding experience? If so, briefly describe it. I killed Moroes one time, thats kinda all in TBC.

Times you are usually online (game time) or how many hours would you say you spend on average in game? I'm usually online every day, at least 2hours, sometimes its all day.

Your expectations of being in Bury Your Dead during The Burning Crusade and what you wish to achieve? If i can join raids and be respected in guild im happy Smile

A bit about yourself. I'm thirteen, i know some IRL in guild as i wrote earlier.. I like to play wow and soccer ^^

[Unbuffed Resistances]
getting higher later i suppose

Karazhan attunement is required. yep
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PostSubject: Re: Rosbah 70 rogue   Rosbah 70 rogue Icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2007 12:01 am

Hi, I think we are full on Rogues atm. But since I am only the temporary Rogue Class Officer I will have a talk with the original one. May the Shadows show u the way.

// Replayed
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Rosbah 70 rogue
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